Septic Medic can help you with all phases of the installation process. We offer permitting assistance, septic system design service and full installation of your septic system. This includes:

  • Phase I Permitting Application
  • Perc Test
  • Phase II Permitting Application
  • Complete Septic System Design
  • Installation Service

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Our on-site septic system installers are happy to provide a quote for your new septic tank installation. We are able to visit with you over the phone about your project or even meet you, on-site, to determine the best pricing for your septic system installation needs. Whichever is best for you! We can provide an estimate based upon proposed home plans via email or if you'd like to meet and discuss the project, face-to-face, we welcome your call. Best of all - our estimates are always FREE and will always be delivered to you via email within 24 hours of your meeting with the installer.

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