Septic Medic is available for commercial businesses that need routine scheduled pumping services along with those not-so-fun emergency calls. Your first pumping service with us will be the best one you've ever had. We will completely pump your interceptor or holding tank, assess it for any issues and provide you with a timely invoice for your service. We offer terms for commercial clients and are happy to extend a credit application for routine scheduled pumping maintenance. Commercial companies that will find Septic Medic's pumping services helpful may include, but are not limited to...

Restaurant Grease TrapsLaundromatsAutomotive CentersGolf Courses
Parking Lots and Dry WellsHospitals/Nursing Care CentersDairies/FarmsAuto Dealership
Car WashesSchool Grease TrapsApartment ComplexesCommercial Property Management


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Commercial Services


Septic Medic takes great pride in servicing our commercial customers. Our technicians are clean in appearance and our fleet is always free of debris and looking sharp. Safety is one of our top priorities so precautions will be taken at all times when Septic Medic is at your location. No matter if your commercial pumping service is an emergency or regularly scheduled maintenance, we are here to help anytime. Septic Medic can help you solve any non-hazardous liquid waste pumping needs. We offer special pricing to commercial customers who are on regularly scheduled pumping maintenance.

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