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Grease Interceptors

Grease interceptors or otherwise known as "grease traps" are specifically designed to trap grease and food waste from entering directly into the city sewer system without being filtered first. Think about how much food waste you see go down your kitchen sink, can you imagine what one restaurant generates in one night? What about thousands of restaurants that all share the same city sewer system. This could be catastrophic for our city wastewater facilities. Grease interceptors help further filtrate all waste from floor drains, dishwasher and kitchen sinks before the effluent water enters into the the sewer system.

Grease traps should be put on a regularly scheduled pumping maintenance schedule to be in compliance with City health code inspectors. If you are a facility requiring the use of a grease trap, you can bet you will be visited about your interceptor maintenance records. Septic Medic is here to help. Your first grease trap pumping service is a thorough one. We will assess all parts of the interceptor, spray down the inside of the trap and make it clean and happy. If flow into the interceptor is slow, we can offer high pressure jetting services which will scour your pipes to like-new condition again. Do you have a small, under-the-sink grease trap? We maintain and service these systems too.

Are you starting a new restaurant  and need a grease trap installed? Perhaps you have a grease interceptor that needs to be repaired or is consistently backing up. Septic Medic is a full service interceptor company and offers repair and installation services for all sizes of grease interceptor tanks. We have experience replacing existing interceptors with larger sizes and offer additional plumbing services in the event of sewer line failure or extension needed for the new tank.

We know a grease trap malfunction is the last thing you want to deal with, particularly during business hours. We are available 24 hours a day to help correct your plumbing and grease interceptor issues.