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Sand   Oil   Grit Interceptors

Sand, Oil and Grit Interceptor tanks require regular pumping and cleaning in order to properly filter and hold designated solids from entering the city sewer system. Large fines can be given out by city inspectors or by city municipalities for not regularly maintaining your interceptor. Let Septic Medic put you on a maintenance schedule and you will no longer need to remember what's underground, we will remind you and take care of it for you.

Septic Medic also installs and repairs sand, oil and grit interceptor tanks. If you are a new business installing an interceptor for the first time or a currently-operating business that is experiencing issues with your interceptor tank, give us a call. We provide free, on-site estimates for interceptor repairs or installations. We have experience with permitting and can help you get your business going in no time!

Many times, some interceptors need to have their waste profiled at the local wastewater disposal facility. If your interceptor meets this unique need, we will be happy to take a sample of the waste, have it profiled within 48 hours and we can then schedule your pumping service right away. Profiles are good for two years. These profiles help our wastewater treatment facility know what kind of waste we are bringing to them, the best way to treat it and to be sure the liquid is non-hazardous. This is applicable to most car-related interceptor tanks.