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There are two different kinds of septic tank disposal fields that you find most often in Arizona. One field is a horizontal field and is most commonly referred to as a leach bed, backhoe pit, or leach lines. The other field is a vertical pit referred to as a seepage pit or dry well. Both fields are effective at what they do: which is further filtrate the effluent that enters from the septic tank. Failure of a septic disposal field will result in a septic tank backup. If the water has no where to go after the tank itself is filled up, it's only way out is back into your house! Ewww! If you are experiencing issues with your septic system disposal field and need a free estimate for repairs, give Septic Medic a call. Our honest septic technicians will always recommend the best course of action to correct your issue at the lowest cost to you. If you received an ADEQ Septic Inspection report that details issue with "leaching" give us a call! We'll diagnose the issue quickly and have you back to normal soon.

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Another important part of septic tank maintenance is making sure that you keep those “good bacteria colonies” healthy and thriving in your tank. I love all of the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, disinfectant, bleach, etc., products in our homes today as much as you do, but our septic tanks don't take them as well. These products, when introduced constantly or in high-levels, tend to break down that good bacteria and can halt digestion of the organic waste in your septic tank. Let's talk frankly for a minute – 

Septic Medic suggests a monthly bacteria treatment is introduced to your system to help alleviate any destruction of these colonies. You've probably heard of those store-shelf brands or even the old-wives tale of adding yeast to your septic tank. These methods don't really enhance your system as they are not as concentrated as they should be to effectively work. Septic Medic offers a professional bacteria-enhancing product that is super-simple and mess-free. It requires throwing one little packet a month down any toilet in your home and comes in it's own water-soluble bag so there is no mess involved. It is non-toxic and costs less than $5 per month (it's actually cheaper than the other methods)!  Order yours here today and we'll ship it to you for free or ask your technician about it when he comes for your pumping service.

Routine septic tank pumping maintenance is one of the best things you can do to properly care for your system and extend the longevity of it functionality. Septic tanks should be pumped every three (3) to five (5) years.

If the scum and sludge layers accumulate for too long (you go more than 5 years without pumping your tank), they will begin to become compacted within the tank and start to migrate out of the septic tank to your disposal field. Many disposal field meet their fate and have to be replaced - simply from the lack of routine pumping maintenance.